Chanel's New Collection Is Inspired by the Desert

Chanel's New Collection Is Inspired by the Desert

As we head into the holidays, Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer Lucia Pica has dropped a desert-themed collection.

The range, called Desert Dream, was inspired by Pica's recent visit to Namibia and its "dreamy, poetic" landscape. With a palette of "peachy rose hues, cool browns and romantic mauves combined with matte and shimmery textures," the collection features a range of eyeshadows, illuminating powder, multi-use glow stick, and a range of new nail and lip colors.

"I was expecting to see bright colors, but instead I was surprised by the sense of emptiness, and a sort of stillness and silence. I took that and made it the essence of the collection," Pica told Allure. "There's a sense of blurriness, a sense of stillness, and a brown tonal color that's present everywhere."

She added that each shade in the collection is inspired by an "aspect of the desert" and meant to evoke a certain mood. "When you look at the collection, you have this feeling of a dreamy romantic memory of something," she said.

"Generally speaking, I associate emotions with colors quite a lot," Pica said. "This mauve, taupe, brown earthy color with accents of peach and pink makes me feel contentment and grace. This is just where I feel like I am at the moment and I think it's what's needed right now."

Chanel Desert Dream launches December 16 and will be available to shop on

Photos courtesy of Chanel