Céline Dion Calls Being Picked As a Beauty Ambassador a 'Miracle'

Céline Dion Calls Being Picked As a Beauty Ambassador a 'Miracle'

Everybody feels insecure, apparently even Céline Dion. In a recent interview, the legendary musician and style icon called being picked as a beauty ambassador for L'Oreal Paris a "miracle."

While talking withAllure, Dion reflected on being chosen to represent the beauty brand as a Global Spokesperson earlier this year. "When I was young and having problems with my teeth, very, very skinny, not feeling pretty, and being bullied at school, I would never have thought that L'Oréal Paris would one day ask me, at 51 years old, to become an ambassador," she said. "It's a miracle."

She continued to describe how the opportunity empowered her and made her feel "in charge". "I've never felt as beautiful, or so in charge," she said. "When you do feel in charge, it gives you an extra voice. Even though I still use my voice for singing, I now have a little [extra] voice for raising my children, for making decisions. I even have a new album coming out."

It is also singing that at first made her feel like herself. "Singing was a way for me to express myself, to feel supported and not judged," she said. "But the things we put on ourselves: the cream, the hair color, the conditioner, the nails, the makeup, a good outfit — it changes my demeanor."

Talking about aging, she added: "I would not go back to being 17 or in my 20s or 30s. All that [youth] was wonderful, but I'm never going back in time. I'm going forward. And I can't wait for my next birthday."

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