Cardi B Responds to 'Cry Baby' Critics of Her 'Woman of the Year' Award

Cardi B Responds to 'Cry Baby' Critics of Her 'Woman of the Year' Award

Cardi B has some words for all the "cry baby" critics of her latest win.

On Wednesday, the rapper responded to the pushback surrounding her recent crowning as Billboard's "Woman of the Year" via her Instagram.

"Morning y'all, it's your girl Cardi B, and yes, I am 'Woman of the Year,'" she proclaimed. "And for you cry babies like, 'But she only got one song!' Yeah, I got that song, bitch. You know, the one that sold the most? The one that streamed the most? The one that had Republicans crying on Fox News about it? The one that have a song that's about to be six times platinum in three months? The one that had your grandma popping her pussy on TikTok? Yeah bitch, that one."

"WAP" aside though, Cardi also pointed out that she's been using her star power to make a huge positive difference, especially when it comes to encouraging civic engagement and spreading important political information.

"I've been influencing, using my platform for y'all to vote. And not just when Joe Biden was going against Trump," she continued. "I've been informing y'all about y'all's senators. I've been informing y'all about districts. Midterm elections. Using my own money to meet up with these candidates like Bernie [Sanders]. Flying out, tired after shows. Yeah, that's me, bitch."

Not only that, but to hit her point home, Cardi concluded the video by reminding the trolls that she is (and will continue to be) incredibly influential and impactful — whether they like it or not.

"Even when y'all's crying like, 'But she don't represent us!' Yes I do, bitch," she said. "I represent America. I wanted a change, and that's exactly what the fuck I did. And eat it up. I'm just that bitch. Eat it up with a spoon so y'all can get a mouthful."

Watch Cardi address the haters, below.

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