Cardi B Shines in Her Super Bowl Commercial

Cardi B Shines in Her Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl is fast approaching and if you're understandably uninterested in watching men pound each other for 20 seconds, then pause for a break, then do so again, or seeing Justin Timberlake's new show that will likely resemble his recent video offerings (lord help us), you might seek refuge in the commercials.

Considering a freaking ton of people watch the Super Bowl, this is the time when massive companies, that certainly do not need anymore exposure, pay millions to air an advertisement while their creative agencies pop bottles. Nevertheless, there are some bangers that come out of this display of wealth and power — something Amazon is here to remind us for their new Alexa commercial starring our very own Cardi B.

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In it, "Alexa" the Amazon response to Apple's Siri, "loses her voice" and is subsequently replaced by various celebrities dramatically unequipped to fill her role. Gordon Ramsay verbally abuses his owner, Cardi B doesn't know any trivia answers and will only play "Bodak Yellow," Rebel Wilson is overtly sexual and Anthony Hopkins, unnecessary creepy (he is also inexplicably feeding a peacock at the time). It's all very fun.

Check it out below, or tune into the Super Bowl on Sunday at 6.30pm — if that's your thing.