Camila Cabello Says a ‘Storm’ Is Coming

Camila Cabello Says a ‘Storm’ Is Coming

Camila Cabello has made a weather forecast that’s freaking all of her fans out. On Saturday, the singer took to Twitter to make a vague announcement. She said, “It’s the calm before the storm.”

While this doesn’t really give too much detail away, people on the Internet are assuming that this means new music from the artist. Many are expecting a follow-up to her debut solo album Camila. And, honestly, we’re all ready.

User @consequenzes also tweeted a pseudo-receipt from the singer’s stories of her dancing. The tweet reads, “she's rehearsing for something OMG she wasn't lying when she said a storm is coming.”

Cabello also cheekily replied to a fan who said the weather’s looking clear for the next month. She tweeted, “Is it?? not in my calendar?”

Looks like Cabello’s going to bring the rain this summer, and fans could not be more excited. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions to her tease.

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