Cafuné Takes Us on the Road With CHVRCHES

Cafuné Takes Us on the Road With CHVRCHES

At its core, Cafuné is built around friendship. Since members Noah Yoo and Sedona Schat met in college, the two bonded over their love of music. After many years, a grueling pandemic and the expected ebbs and flows of friendship, the two finally released their debut, Running, in 2021. From then on, the only way was up.

Everything soon fell into place. The world began to slowly open up, allowing live music to return. Their city of New York crept back up on its feet. They had an album under their belt and a world to show it to. It certainly helped when a sped-up version of their song "Tek It" went viral on TikTok, spawning covers, remixes and tales of why life is difficult. Schat's passionate, diaristic lyrics and delicate croon resonated with audiences, and now they get to take it on the road with CHVRCHES.

With only a few weeks until they pick back up in Denver, Colorado on September 20 to complete the rest of the tour, Cafuné snapped some intimate photos of life on the road exclusively for PAPER, ready to take Running to new heights. Check out the photos below.

Backstage at the Brooklyn warmup show, 5 minutes before going on

Setting off for New Orleans with our lil trailer

First night: a sweet note and gift from CHVRCHES, the kindest folks in the biz

Stretch time at gas stations is very important!

The Roxy in Atlanta was the time we'd ever seen our names on the outside of the venue like

That was also the biggest room we'd ever played to date. Loved the chandeliers

The Norva in Virginia had a half-court inside the venue, which was amazing and a bit surreal

A fuzzy group shot from... Alabama? Memory is about as blurry as this photo

Coordinating looks with Ashley for the last show of the run at Mass MOCA

After celebrating the end of our first tour in K-town


Photos courtesy of Ashley Kossakowski