BTS Beats Taylor Swift, Truly Breaking the Internet

BTS Beats Taylor Swift, Truly Breaking the Internet

Look what you made them do.

The new BTS video for "Idol" is a candy-coated, K-pop fantasy with high-octane choreography in front of dramatic green screens, because of course it is, and also, do we expect anything less? More is more!

The song's Nicki Minaj-assisted remake was a savvy crossover choice and a Chess-playing PR power move all at once. So of course the next step is world domination, at least in the streaming sense (for now). The "Idol" video has just beat the record set for most YouTube streams in a day, defeating Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do."

Her video tallied up to 43.2 million views in a day, while BTS hit 45 million, because their fans are insane and organized. Imagine what would've happened if Nicki appeared in the video, though, we don't rule out that possibility. It's all something kind of incredible. Watch the record-breaking video in slack-jawed awe and tell us you don't agree.

Photo via YouTube