BTS Fans Were Banned from Standing, Singing During Show

BTS Fans Were Banned from Standing, Singing During Show

BTS fans found a clever way to show their support at .

On Thursday night, the K-pop superstars performed their first live concert since the onset of the pandemic at Seoul Olympic Stadium. However, the more than 15,000 fans in attendance weren't allowed to engage with the music by "cheering loudly, yelling, chanting and standing up" due to government COVID-19 protocols, per a statement from Big Hit Entertainment.

Even so, ARMY was still able to applaud the boys' performance by using light up "clappers" handed out prior to the show. But while the experience wasn't exactly the same, the Mirror reported that fans seemed to embrace the quirky method of applause by clapping together during songs and, of course, at the end of every track. And to help them out, BTS even provided little on-screen heart graphics to indicate when they should clap along.

Granted, the clappers will probably be back for the band's two upcoming South Korean shows. And though it's unclear whether Big Hit will continue with the clappers once BTS start performing concerts in other countries, we think it could still be a cute piece of merch for fans across the globe.

Watch the clappers in action below.

Photo via Getty / Christopher Polk