Meet the Boyish Squad From Their 'Smithereens' Video

Meet the Boyish Squad From Their 'Smithereens' Video

Inspired by their friend's shitty relationship with a heartbreaker, Brooklyn-based Boyish arrives today with "Smithereens" — the first official release since the queer duo's We're all gonna die but here's my contribution EP in May. Singer India Shore and guitarist Claire Altendahl channeled The Replacements' "Swingin Party" to create an effortless single that grooves while addressing the feelings of not wanting to leave behind a love that takes you for granted. "We kiss, then we fuck, then you shut me out," they sing.

The music video, which features a cast of Boyish's close friends and collaborators, amplifies this story by depicting the end of a house party when feelings of loneliness begin to creep in again. "The general video concept was about being invisible to the people around you, so we filmed it in a house full of people that would never notice us there," Boyish says of the Axel Kabundji-directed clip. "It’s a metaphor for not being appreciated or recognized but then having fun with it."

While the topic is loaded and completely relatable, the video itself is a lot of fun, featuring a blow-up pool, plenty of champagne and a Yamaha UTV decked out in streamers. Check it out, above, and meet the Boyish squad, below, ahead of the band's 17-date run on tour with Remo Drive this January.

Ella is such a star. She has the voice of an angel, is such a strong and distinct writer, and is an amazing producer, as well. The production on her song "AUGUST IS A FEVER" is ridiculously cool. She always manages to write about things we’ve felt our entire lives, in a way that we never would have thought to say it. We’re huge fans and feel so lucky to know her.

David is kind of our idol. His production is so distinct and special, and his writing breaks your heart and makes you feel 16 again. His song “Father's Son” is one of our favorite songs ever and sends us into a spiral, in the best way.

Michael is truly the most charismatic person we’ve ever met. Watching him perform is one of the biggest joys in the world, you can't help but watch him. His songs are so special, you can really hear his heart in everything he writes, and his voice is so rich and beautiful. Plus: he's sexy hot.

Photos courtesy of Boyish