Billie Asks Women to Embrace Their Facial Hair For Movember

Billie Asks Women to Embrace Their Facial Hair For Movember

Shaving brand Billie's latest campaign is setting out to challenge the beauty norms surrounding female body hair, especially when it comes to women's upper lips.

Earlier today, the popular razor purveyors launched a new initiative encouraging women to participate in Movember by growing out their mustaches. Their goal? To simultaneously destigmatize female facial hair, all while raising money and bringing awareness to prostate and testicular cancer.

Previously, the Movember charity only asked men to grow a mustache for the cause — a trend that means Billie is the first women's brand to do the same. Not only that, but according to Glamour, they're also the first women-geared shave brand to show facial hair.

As the brand wrote on their page, while they're a brand "built for womankind... we're thrilled to support the men in our lives" and, as such, are matching 100 percent of contributions up to $50,00.

"Newsflash: women have mustaches," they added. "We've been trained to hide them — wax them, bleach them, shave them — but that doesn't make them any less real. Fuzzy and faint or dark and dazzling, they're there. So this Movember, we're growing out our (formerly) top-secret upper lip hair."

Check out the Team Billie page, here.

Photos by Ashley Armitage / Courtesy of Billie