Do Billie Eilish and J.Lo Have Beef or Are You Projecting?

Do Billie Eilish and J.Lo Have Beef or Are You Projecting?

In what is perhaps a testament to just how starved for controversy the show has become, many are speculating over whether or not Billie Eilish subtly shaded Jennifer Lopez at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The whole thing seems to stem from a candid moment caught on camera as Lopez came out to present the Song of the Year Award, with Eilish looking somewhat unimpressed or bored while everyone else around her is fervently clapping.

The two don't have a documented history of beef with one another (let alone really any history of the two interacting for that matter). Indeed, there is a marked lack of enthusiasm on Eilish's part in that moment, but whether or not she has any strong feelings about Lopez is entirely up to conjecture.

And while the exchange lasts maybe two seconds tops, it was enough to leave room for tabloids and Twitter users to project whatever they want.

In fairness to Eilish, the singer-songwriter does seem to be a magnet for controversy, both warranted and not. Recently, Eilish responded to critics that called her most recent era "boring," telling British Vogue in a cover story, "My thing is that I can do whatever I want."

In addition to presenting the Foo Fighters with the Global Icon Award, Eilish took home the Video for Good award at the VMAs for "Your Power," taking time in her acceptance speech to talk about women's rights. "We need to protect our young women at all costs," the singer said. "We also need to remember that we all have power, and we have to remember to not abuse it."

Photo via Getty/ Jeff Kravitz/ MTV VMAs 2021