Billie Eilish Shows Solidarity With Climate Strikers

Billie Eilish Shows Solidarity With Climate Strikers

It makes sense that queen of teens Billie Eilish is on board with the global youth climate strike taking place today, and also that she showed solidarity through making a pun about Gen Z's favorite app: TikTok.

Hundreds of thousands of school students and adult allies are taking part in climate marches today, drawing record crowds in capitals like Melbourne, Berlin, London, and New York City. It has been beautiful and inspiring to watch (head over to PAPER's Instagram Story to see what went down in Manhattan), and there'll likely be an even bigger moment when activist Greta Thunburg takes the stage around 5PM ET at the New York rally.

Until then, Billie is keeping the kids hype. She debuted a custom "tick tock" two piece (as in, time is running out!) and used all the official hashtags. We already know from her "all the good girls go to hell" music video, which features some fairly apocalyptic imagery.

Today's climate strike kicks off a week of climate action, so if you missed out today, it's by no means too late to participate. Find out more on the official event website, here.

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