The Internet Can't Get Over a Sad Bulldog Named 'Big Poppa'

The Internet Can't Get Over a Sad Bulldog Named 'Big Poppa'

If you thought you had it rough in quarantine, just think about all the sad puppies who can't get belly rubs — like the internet's newest obsession, Big Poppa the bulldog.

The name "Big Poppa" is trending around the world on Twitter today, causing mass concern among users wanting to cheer up the depressed doggie in question. After user Rae Elle posted the now-famous photo of her pup looking out over a balcony into the distance last night, support flowed in from people who couldn't stand to see Big Poppa feeling down because he misses "playing with the kids in the building."

Rae Elle's original tweet began gaining traction overnight, with popular animal lovers accounts like the ever-playful WeRateDogs replying and retweeting out of solidarity with Big Poppa. An update this afternoon alerted Twitter users to the fact that Big Poppa also has his own Instagram run by his "hooman," Rae. From the looks of it, the outbreak of COVID-19 hit the pup harder than the internet originally thought.

Big Poppa was a globetrotter before travel restrictions were set in place to aid social distancing measures; in one photo, he's at-the-ready with his rolling suitcase for an adventure. Once quarantine hit, however, Big Poppa had to adapt his lifestyle and can be seen practicing yoga from his familiar outlook back in late March. In view of the yoga post is his new miniature doggie bed, which Rae notes he's taken to despite his unmatched size.

While Big Poppa might not get to play with the kids in his building anytime soon, he's getting enough support and virtual rubs pouring in to last him the quarantine and then some. Users are dedicating their time at home to the Notorious D.O.G. himself, stating that if you break shelter-in-place orders, you're only hurting Big Poppa. Scroll through some of the puppy love below.

Image via Twitter