Beyoncé's New Merch Is For Stans Only

Beyoncé's New Merch Is For Stans Only

We love fans here at PAPER, and there's no stan community we admire more than Beyoncé's Beyhive. They live for her! They die for her! And in return, she is very good to them — literally, who in music is working harder for their followers?

Alongside all the other gifts she has given fans over the past few months alone (she could honestly retire after releasing Homecoming, if she wanted to), Bey is now honoring her most devoted with a brand new line of cute, limited edition Beyhive-branded merch. Do you hear that buzzing sound? That's millions of people refreshing the Shop Beyoncé page.

Launching today and featuring a brand new custom logo, the Beyhive drop is the musician's first merch line to directly cater to the most obsessed members of her fandom, rather than promote an album or tour. It's about time! A rep for Shop Beyoncé tells us the new merch is a thank you present to those who have stayed loyal all these years.

Beyhive, know that you are seen. Take a look at the capsule collection, below.

Photos courtesy of Shop Beyoncé