Say 'hiiii' to Experimental-Pop Duo BETWEEN FRIENDS

Say 'hiiii' to Experimental-Pop Duo BETWEEN FRIENDS

by Justine Fisher

Say hello to experimental-pop duo BETWEEN FRIENDS." The group, made up of brother and sister musicians Brandon and Savannah Hudson, debuts today a dreamy, new music video for their song "hiiii."

Wandering around a cul-de-sac in playful, bright attire, the siblings foreground the soft vocals and soulful rhythm in "hiiii" as they draw flowers in chalk and suck on popsicles. In constructing their distinct world of childlike wonder, BETWEEN FRIENDS said they were inspired by a "time machine of content," including old music videos, ’90s Nickelodeon and even MTV's first-ever broadcast.

The ethereal video that complements the enchanting interlude comes off their latest nine-track EP, CUTiE, drawing from the sounds of R&B, hyperpop and even ’50s elevator music. "hiiii" follows four previously released visuals, each of which BETWEEN FRIENDS views as episodes on the station they call, "CUTiE TV."

Describing how they portray their take on modern music television, the siblings said, "CUTiE, to us, is several new personalities that we have never been able to embrace until now. There’s a confidence and color to them that feels unfamiliar and exciting. Within each song is a new persona and we wanted to translate that via characters in all of the visuals for the project."

While Brandon and Savannah’s quirky pop is at the core of their artistic endeavors, BETWEEN FRIENDS is a creative outlet for the Hudsons that encompasses fashion, set design and music production. "We want to build our own world," Brandon said, "a colorful place where anything and everything is possible."

As BETWEEN FRIENDS prepares for their first tour across North America, they offer a taste of their candy-colored aesthetic on their visual for "hiiii," out now. Watch the PAPER premiere, below.

Photos courtesy of BETWEEN FRIENDS