Balenciaga Bags for the Depressed Shopaholic Within

Balenciaga Bags for the Depressed Shopaholic Within

Balenciaga's fall 2019 collection was a tribute to their customer. Which I suppose is every collection by every designer, if you really think about it. But this one was a special ode to shopping. Designer Demna Gvasalia told Vogue that the collection was "my ode to the customer, to people who actually go shopping for fashion. Because of course — this is the reason I do it!"

Gvasalia lives for a joke, especially an Instagrammable one. And so he sent out models holding piles of leather shopping bags. The models almost seemed weighed down from a shopping spree. Consumer culture is draining!

It isn't the first time that Gvasalia has played with shopping as a trope. He famously made a replica of an Ikea bag that retailed for $2000, and $545 shoes that bear an uncanny resemblance to McDonald's french fry cartons. Ah, late capitalism!

Photos via Imaxtree