Azealia Banks' Facebook Page Has Disappeared

Azealia Banks' Facebook Page Has Disappeared

Azealia Banks' official Facebook page--her headquarters since getting banned from Twitter this summer--has mysteriously vanished.

The only ones remaining include verified "Azealia Banks Germany" page, and an unofficial profile--both mostly inactive and fan-run.

Banks made headlines again in the past few days after posting videos to her Instagram page of her sand-blasting a blood-stained, feather-riddled room in her New York apartment, where she claimed to sacrifice chickens for Brujeria practices.

The development, once again, divided the internet, with many--including Sia and the Church of Satan--condemning violence against animals, while others supported Banks right to religious freedom.

It remains unclear if/why Azealia was banned from Facebook, or if it was voluntary; just Sunday, Banks took to her page to denounce the bots trolling her timeline with racist comments.