Aries Launched a New Sneaker Collab, Literally

Aries Launched a New Sneaker Collab, Literally

How to celebrate the "launch" of a new sneaker collab? By launching one into the sky, naturally. British fashion photographer David Sims captured New Balance's latest shoe with London fashion brand Aries blasting off in a new clip unveiled today.

"Possibly one of the most fun collaborations to date, I got to design my dream shoe, glue it to a rocket and watch it fly 60 feet into the air," said Aries founder Sofia Prantera in a statement. "Amazingly the sample withstood about 10 explosions while filming and it's still intact."

The Aries 4 New Balance 327 Aries is a remake of the original vintage running shoe with a nod to early 90s lifestyle trainers. There's also an apparel component including a full tracksuit in silver nylon plus t-shirts and socks featuring the "Unbalanced" graphics.

Browse a selection of items from Aries x New Balance 327, available to shop at on October 30, in the gallery below.

Photos courtesy of Aries