When a Cool Jewelry Collab Also Becomes a Student Art Project

When a Cool Jewelry Collab Also Becomes a Student Art Project

Back in February, before the pandemic hit, Aries and Hillier Bartley invited students from London's City and Islington College to get involved with their new project: a co-branded line of gold jewelry and charms.

The students participated in a three-day workshop with sessions on everything from branding and product development to fashion communications and photography. They then got to create their own work using pieces from the Aries x Hillier Bartley charm jewelry collection.

Photographer Clare Shilland captured the students in a series of black and white portraits featuring the jewelry collection styled and worn in a variety of ways.

"I think the work with the students was a really special part of this project," said Hillier Bartley Co-Founder (and former Marc by Marc Jacobs Creative Director) Katie Hillier. "The act of collaboration is often simplified, but pared back it's what business is all about... coordinating together to create new ideas, trust and an appreciation of a diversity of ideas."

The collection consists of seven different charms that can be stacked, layered and worn on Hillier Bartley's signature paperclip earrings or a gold chain necklace. Among the charms: an Aries Roman column, penis, pentagram and temple featuring the Hillier Bartley bunny.

"We contacted Islington Six Form College, and they were very supportive and opened the workshop to the whole school," said Aries Founder Sofia Prantera. "We had no casting or pre-established idea of who we will be photographing. The result is a beautiful portrayal of a multicultural yet homogenous London youth."

The Aries x Hillier Bartley collection, seen in the gallery below, is available now at AriesArise.com.

Photos courtesy of Aries