Ariana Grande Reportedly Responds to Fans Calling Out Lizzo

Ariana Grande Reportedly Responds to Fans Calling Out Lizzo

Ariana Grande reportedly responded to her fans after they began calling out Lizzo via the trending #LizzoIsOverParty hashtag.

Yesterday, Lizzo tweeted about her song "Good as Hell" reaching No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 — a jump from its previous position at No. 14.

However, Arianators — who appear to be operating under the idea that "Good as Hell" made the leap thanks to Grande's appearance on the recently-released "Good as Hell" remix — took issue with Lizzo's celebratory tweet and began accusing her of "not crediting" Grande for her "help."

Despite the fact that the original version of "Good as Hell" — which does not feature Grande — is charting, Ari's fans began tweeting under the #LizzoIsOverParty hashtag — simultaneously arguing that Lizzo "used ariana and didnt give her any credit," while insisting that Billboard should've credited Grande.

That said, as many of Lizzo's defenders (and even some of Grande's fans) pointed out, said argument doesn't hold any water, seeing as how Billboard was talking about the original version from three years ago.

And while most people were stuck on the argument's reach, a few commenters pointed out that the backlash is yet another example of the internet "[hating] to see Black women succeeding," as "if she was a skinny white pop girl y'all wouldn't say shit."

Unfortunately though, the hashtag kept trending and even got to the point where Grande reportedly had to address the issue. In what appears to be a (since-deleted) tweet obtained by PopBuzz, Grande appears to respond to a critical fan by reiterating that "if our remix outsold or out streamed the OG, my name would be there."

"But it didn't! It's not like she woke up and told them what to write! That is not how these things work," she continued, before adding, "I'm so happy to have supported or helped in any way! We have so much. Be happy for her. Love."

And while Grande has yet to address why she deleted the defense, her enthusiastic response to Lizzo's initial tweet is still up. Check it out, below.

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