Ariana Grande Tells Fans to Stop Grabbing Her Friends

Ariana Grande Tells Fans to Stop Grabbing Her Friends

Ariana Grande has an important announcement for all her fans attending shows — namely, keep your hands off of her friends and photographers.

Though it's something that should really go without saying, Grande had to post a "friendly reminder" about the topic to her Instagram stories last night.

"Grabbing/touching people without their consent is harassment," she wrote. "Please do not put your hands on my photographers or friends or anyone you don't know for that matter when you're in the pit at my shows. It's never okay or funny. Thank you. (I can't believe this has to be said...but unfortunately it happens often...thanks for listening.)"

And while it's unclear what exactly spurred Grande to post the announcement, it seems likely that this has been an ongoing issue for her and her team. So, again, in case it hasn't been made clear enough: Keep your damn hands to yourself!

See what Grande had to say in its entirety, below.

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