Andrew Cuomo's Ex-Girlfriend Addresses His Nipples

Andrew Cuomo's Ex-Girlfriend Addresses His Nipples

Does Andrew Cuomo have pierced nipples? The internet wants to know. This conspiracy theory, brought to you by too much time on Twitter, began with a viral photo of the New York state governor. At a press conference on March 27, Cuomo made the interesting choice to wear a white polo T-shirt, that appears oddly lumpy around the nipples in news footage of the event.

Cuomo's ex-girlfriend, TV chef Sandra Lee (the couple split last year after 14 years together) wants nipplegate to end. Interestingly, she interpreted the rumors as "bodyshaming," although I suspect they stem more from a collective desire for Cuomo to secretly be a stannable kinky weirdo, than a criticism of his body.

"Good morning everybody, I hope you have a great day," Lee greeted fans in a pajama-clad Instagram story caught by Page Six. "I just want to take a moment and say, I woke up this morning to a lot of stuff going on online, a lot of stories being written and a lot of nonsense being said. And I just want to say, body shaming is not ok." Hm… I think she's talking about us.

"When people are out on the frontlines working so hard for all of our benefits, to then turn around and bodyshame," she went on, not her ex Cuomo but obviously referring to him. "Shame on you. Knock it off. Do something to uplift people and make the world a better place, not take cheap shots that are unnecessary."

Referring to the chatter as "nonsense," Lee doesn't specifically confirm or deny the nipple rumors. She would know, having dated the guy for 14 years. Or would she? The couple broke up in September. Nothing like a new piercing, or a global pandemic to get your mind of a break-up.

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