The Internet Wants to Know If Andrew Cuomo's Nipples Are Pierced

The Internet Wants to Know If Andrew Cuomo's Nipples Are Pierced

While there are plenty of good reasons for Andrew Cuomo to be under intense online scrutiny, I regret to inform you that the current discourse has less to do with his policies and more to do with a bizarre fascination with his nipples. Or rather, the idea that they're possibly pierced.

It all started yesterday when MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin tweeted out an op-ed from The Washington Post about what could be learned from gubernatorial responses to the coronavirus outbreak.

That said, the publication's choice of photo inadvertently sparked substantial online discussion about the strange way his white polo shirt appears to be clinging to his right nipple.

From comments about the "distracting" protrusions to prayers that it was just cold to an overwhelming amount of pained befuddlement, Cuomo's potential nipple piercings have gone viral — much to the chagrin of a number of Twitter users who expressed dismay over having to clean their search history.

Unfortunately, as one Reddit user pointed out, if the photos from Cuomo's Flickr account are any indication, "There's definitely something going on under there." So while the debate rages on, here's to hoping that this one is debunked as a "trick of the light," stat.

See what the internet is saying, below.

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