Amelia Moore Throws a Pity Party on 'Vinegar'

Amelia Moore Throws a Pity Party on 'Vinegar'

Amelia Moore has the most powerful chorus of 2022, thus far. In her new single, "vinegar," out today, the 21-year-old Georgia native slowly builds throughout its verses, singing about the "bombs that bleed inside" of her and the "heavy crown" that weighs her down. When we arrive at Moore's hook though, the expected explosion of power-pop production gets replaced with an entirely acapella performance: "Vinegar, pour it in my body," Moore sings, her delicate, digitized falsetto fluttering in total silence. "Where it hurts, like a pity party."

As the follow-up single to last year's "sweet and sour," Moore's latest sees her join forces yet again with longtime collaborator Pink Slip — and their partnership is proving to be successful. "vinegar" is moving and effective, telling the personal story of heartache through sonics, not just lyrics. The height of the song pulls back almost everything, like a stomach dropping after receiving that text from an ex. Moore explains, “The creation of this song jump started my healing process and I hope it has the same effect on everyone who hears it."

Listen to "vinegar," below, ahead of Amelia Moore's opening dates on tour with fellow alt-pop star FLETCHER in February and March.

In what ways do you see yourself shaking up the pop market, right now, through your music?

I’ve spent the last three years developing myself and my sound, and I’m ready to be an artist that defines a fresh take on "pop" music. I’m here to push boundaries and inspire a new left of center wave with originality and attention to detail.

What inspired your TikTok handle name, @iCRYATWORK? Does that still apply today?

I was in my old apartment on the phone with my producer, Pink Slip. We were talking about switching my social media handles when I looked at an art piece I made from some magazine scraps. I said, “What about iCRYATWORK? Just kidding that’s stupid right,” and Pink told me to see if its available, and it was. Complete and total accident, which I firmly believe is how all other genius ideas happen. But iCRYATWORK perfectly encompasses emotional vulnerability, which is not only extremely important to me, but it’s the exact feeling behind my brand new single, "vinegar.”

How do you go about telling honest, relatable stories while maintaining a pop appeal?

Creating art with people you can trust and feel comfortable around is key. I make music with my best friends and my best friends just happen to be the most talented pop writers and producers I know [laughs]. We just finished my debut EP, called teaching a robot to love, and there was a day I cried for literally four hours in the studio and they were all crying with me, holding me and giving me tissues.

Lyrically, what’s the story behind "vinegar"? Is it based off a true, personal experience?

"vinegar" is absolutely drawn from personal experience. My song mom, Gabriella Caspi, and I wrote this song about finally feeling ready to face all the baggage I’ve buried in a healthy and productive way. The lyrics take you through the progression of realization, action and release.

How’d you connect with Pink Slip? What’s the collaboration process like between you both?

I was introduced to Pink Slip during my first trip to LA three years ago through my good friends, JP Morray and Jacob Krupp. The first day we worked together we promised each other we’d win a Grammy and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Pink and I like to experiment a lot, whether that’s a crazy outro or a 400 layer gospel choir harmony on one line. We honestly just have fun.

The chorus is giving me major “Hide and Seek” Imogen Heap vibes. Did you think about her at all for this?

Of course. We were also really inspired by Bon Iver for this one. I’ve wanted to play with a vocoder for a really long time and “vinegar” felt like the perfect opportunity to do so.

Are there any other artists you look to for inspiration, whether in terms of style or sonics?

I feel like Rosalía and Kanye are my grandparents, Lorde and Frank Ocean are my mom and dad, and Charli XCX is my cousin.

When’s the last time you gave yourself a “pity party”? What was it for?

The other day I got in my car and immediately felt like I needed to cry. I turned on the song we just finished from the night before and just let myself feel everything. Ugly cried the entire way to the studio, very on brand of me.

How is "vinegar” a reflection of what’s to come from you in 2022?

Because it’s honest and relatable, not to mention sonically iconic and extremely refreshing. This song feels like a new beginning. I’m really just getting started this year, and I’m so excited to grow more into myself and show the world who Amelia Moore is.

Photography: Travis Bailey


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