Amber Heard's Twitter Disappears After Ex Elon Musk Takes Over

Amber Heard's Twitter Disappears After Ex Elon Musk Takes Over

Amber Heard has disappeared from Twitter after ex Elon Musk's takeover.

On the heels of the SpaceX founder's controversial acquisition, the Aquaman star appears to have vanished from the social media platform, with multiple outlets reporting that Heard's @realAmberHeard page no longer exists as of Thursday, November 3. However, her Instagram still remains active.

Despite the reasons behind the apparent deletion being unclear, what we do know is that the Musk's $44 billion purchase in the name of "free speech" has already wreaked havoc upon the site, resulting in a drastic uptick in hate speech and alt-right users. And as some speculated, Heard may have been motivated to deactivate her account over an increased amount of trolling and harassment, while other theorized that her ex was behind the deletion.

As the AV Club pointed out though, the former seems more likely, seeing as how Heard was already the subject of intense Twitter backlash due to her legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp, who sued Heard for defamation stemming from her 2018 WashingtonPostop-ed, in which she talked about being a victim of domestic and sexual violence. The highly publicized court case resulted in a disproportionate amount of hate directed towards Heard, who was almost immediately branded a "liar." But even though a jury ruled in favor of Depp in June, they also awarded Heard damages for her countersuit, which was related to a false statement made by a lawyer for Depp.

As for Heard and Musk, the pair began dating in 2016. That said, they decided to keep their relationship a secret until 2017 when they broke up for the first time. They eventually split for a final time in 2018.

Heard and Musk have yet to publicly commented on her account's sudden disappearance.

Photos via Shutterstock / Kathy Hutchins