Allbirds Is Getting Into Clothes for the First Time

Allbirds Is Getting Into Clothes for the First Time

by Aaron Royce

Sustainability has always been a talking point of Allbirds, which most of us know for their eco-friendly footwear that doesn't leave carbon footprints. Now, the brand is taking it one step further with its first-ever clothing collection, Apparel.

The collection is composed of a T-shirt, cardigan, sweater and puffer jacket that are being positioned as seasonless. However, these aren't your run-of-the-mill basics. Each piece is made with full transparency regarding its sourced materials and is labeled with its individual carbon footprint — which Allbirds taxed itself for.

The tee is composed of eucalyptus tree fiber and ZQ-certified merino wool Trino yarn, as well as XO, its new fiber made from discarded crab shells. While the wool cardigan and jumper are knit from New Zealand-sourced, ZQ-certified wool, with an oversized fit made to feel cozy and comfortable all winter.

Most puffers are made from synthetic fabrics and sprayed with a non-natural water repellent — but this isn't the case for Apparel's. Instead of down, it's filled with both the natural wood fiber Tencel and recycled polyester, providing the same effect with less harmful materials.

You can now shop for Apparel on Allbirds' website.

Photos courtesy of Allbirds


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