Stream Alex Chapman's Sweat-Soaked  Jock Jams Mix

Stream Alex Chapman's Sweat-Soaked Jock Jams Mix

by Savannah Hardman

Alex Chapman's latest release, a 30-minute mix, is the perfect dose of high energy to kickstart your 2020. "Run Bitch Run!", which the DJ describes as "part workout, part run for your life because everything is terrible," is no ordinary playlist.

Chapman fuses the works of pop superstars such as Charli XCX, Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears, and transforms them into a seamless master mix. His inclusion of High School Musical'siconic "Get'cha Head in the Game" hints at the wide-spanning genres and beloved pop culture references he draws inspiration from.

The full mix, premiering today on PAPER, can be streamed, below.

"Growing up I loved Jock Jams— these hyper-speed compilations with no empty space that were meant to pump you up, Bring It On-cheerleader style," Chapman says. "I wanted to make something that captured that frantic, all-out energy. I know these days it's hard not to feel stressed, and sometimes the best way to deal is to work out and let it burst out of you. So press play and go the hell off!"

If you are looking to catch the Los Angeles-based DJ (and rising songwriter) live, Chapman will be joining Kim Petras as her opening act for the European leg of "The Clarity Tour," which kicks off January 24 in Amsterdam. See all the dates, below.

Photography: Logan Westom