Stream Alex Chapman's 'Songs to Have Gay Sex to'

Stream Alex Chapman's 'Songs to Have Gay Sex to'

Alex Chapman has been lighting up TikTok with some seriously gay DJ sets, from impromptu "Stars Are Blind" dance parties with Paris Hilton herself to remixes of Lady Gaga's iconic 'nother club soundbite. And his latest mix, bluntly titled "Songs to Have Gay Sex to," leans heavily into that space just in time for a Pride weekend that's... likely to be the horniest on record.

The new 30-minute mix opens by sampling Tamra Judge's famous Real Housewives shrill, "THAT IS MY OPINION," before diving into a lineup of ferocious, sexed up tracks that range from Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave 4 U" to Chase Icon's "I'm Perfect" and Ariana Grande's "34 + 35."

"To me, Pride means partying with queer people," Chapman tells PAPER. "This year, more than ever, I'm ready to rage my face off. 'Songs to Have Gay Sex to' is a aggressive, nonstop starting pistol for what I'm sure will be a very fun summer/ Pride 2021. I just hope the girls are ready."

Stream "Songs to Have Gay Sex to," below.

Photo courtesy of Eli Sheppard