#BamaRushTok Has Taken Over
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#BamaRushTok Has Taken Over

by Dante Silva

It's that time of year again: draft season. We're gearing up to support our favorite players as they take to the fields in the coming months — only by "fields" we mean old-money mansions, and the "players" are bleach-blonde sorority hopefuls.

Over the past week, TikToks of young women rushing at the University of Alabama have become the sporting event of the decade (and, arguably, the century). A quick search of #BamaRushTok yields no less than thousands of videos, with over 66.6 million views. Each one depicts the Hannahs, Blakes and Makaylas of Southern American universities navigating "rush" — the sorority recruitment process where students compete in order to receive a "bid."

Rush, much like the Olympic games, consists of days upon days of Greek-themed events. In comparison, though, Tokyo looks friendly and welcoming — as one user commented, "Bama 2021 puts them Olympic athletes to shame."

It's certainly a convoluted process — even Harry Jowsey, of Too Hot to Handle, weighed in.


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His sentiments — "what the fuck is going on" — are certainly shared by many. Many commentators on TikTok have pointed out the excessive performance of the rushing process, while others have called attention to the racism and elitism inherent in Southern sorority culture, and Greek life itself.

One user, 19 year-old Makayla, was dropped over a video of her underage drinking. For many viewers at home, the reasoning seemed a bit lacking — while most sororities do hold restrictions on the consumption of alcohol, there seem to be higher standards for POC. "Something about Makayala situation doesn't sit right with me," commented Khiarra Keen.

Marisa Lee, the first Black Phi Mu president, started a series called "sororitea" unpacking the "machine" of sorority life.

Still, we can't help but cheer for the girls who got into their "forever sisterhood," and to laugh alongside all the parodies. Check out more of the Bama rush TikToks below:


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