Adele Had a Burner Twitter Account

Adele Had a Burner Twitter Account

by Kenna McCafferty

Adele used to lurk in her own comments. Wouldn’t you, if you were Adele? In a profile for the September issue of ELLE, Adele shared her social media habits and other intimate details of her life behind the limelight.

Staying relatively offline, the singer does not manage her official Instagram and is particular with her press opportunities. But her kryptonite, for a period of time, was a secret Twitter account where she stalked her own mentions. Even 15 Grammy awards, the best-selling album of 2021, and two diamond LPs don't make you immune to wondering what people think of you. We wonder if she saw the “are you mad at me?" on her burner. It seems up her alley.

But after canceling her Las Vegas residency, she took the account offline. While Adele understood the discontentment of her fans over postponing her long-anticipated live show, she felt embarrassed and “went into hiding.” It’s true, being online is extremely embarrassing. We could all stand to learn a thing or two from our off-grid icon.

She did, however, maintain one tie to the cyber world and it’s exactly what you’d expect it to be: her Pinterest. Adele is a Pinterest girl and nothing else. She uses the account to collect ideas for interior design and we have to wonder, What aesthetic populates her pins. Is she a coastal grandma? Cottagecore?

As a self-described homemaker and matriarch, we imagine Adele’s interiors are filled with warm and natural light, plush and comfy furniture, and, as she explained to ELLE, plenty of handmade arts and crafts from Michaels.

Further explaining the cancellation of her Vegas residency to ELLE, she shed light on what the 2021 show was missing: intimacy. Now, working with UK entertainment architecture firm, Stufish, she feels she’s finally found a way to imbue The Colosseum's 120-foot wide stage with a feeling of closeness.

Her Las Vegas residency, “Weekends with Adele,” kicks off on November 18 and runs through late March of 2023.

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