What Do Those '30' Billboards Mean?

What Do Those '30' Billboards Mean?

It's been almost six years since Adele's dropped her last album, 25. And though she hasn't been shying away from appearances on TV like her 2020 SNL hosting gig, fans have long been awaiting the singer's return to music. Finally, there might be clues saying that that time is almost here.

Fans think the "Hello" singer might be teasing a new album after billboards with the number "30" appeared in a couple of different places around the world. It was seen — with seemingly the same font and color — on a billboard in Ireland, as well as a projection on a building in Dubai on October 1. And though Adele is now 33 years old, fans point out that two years ago she hinted at her next album being called 30.

In a post on her 31st birthday, Adele wrote, "Bunch of fucking savages, 30 will be a drum n bass record to spite you." And while she was obviously just being cheeky, fans are saying that maybe it wasn't all a joke. Perhaps the new era of Adele is upon us.

On Tuesday, a radio host tweeted, "New Adele. This week." The tweet has since been deleted and no new music has been released. Still, is this a coincidence? Maybe not.

Fans have also noticed that Adele's friend, author Jedidiah Jenkins, liked some posts about the "30" billboards.

And a source told E! Newsearlier this year that the new album would be dropping "very soon." She has allegedly "spent months in the studio recording her new album," and "is excited for the world to hear it." The source added, "We're going to hear about her divorce and what she's been going through."

Adele herself has not commented on all the fan theories and rumors. We'll all just have to wait, hope and see what happens.

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