ABIR Does the 'Tango' on Her Own

ABIR Does the 'Tango' on Her Own

by Zachary Hull

Moroccan-born, New York-based pop singer ABIR has a vibrant new video for "Tango," containing a positive message of self-love.

The video and song focus on the importance of enjoying a little bit of "me time," rather than letting negativity and toxicity take reign. ABIR embraces a positive mind set as she dances around a dream like apartment filled with orange trees and plates of steaming hot pancakes — not a care in the world.

"'Tango' is one of my favorite tracks from the EP," she tells PAPER, referring to her debut EP, last year's Mint. "It's about that feeling when someone tries to make you feel like you need them in your life, but you're like "No boo, I got this!" ABIR swiftly breezes her way through the verses and chorus in a powerful yet silky tone singing, "You think I can't handle dancing on my own/ It takes two to tango but only one to let go."

The visuals offer up a chill summery vibe in a '70s-style apartment. ABIR glides between rooms featuring velvet couches and bathtubs filled with pink diamonds, as she works her way to the closet where she picks out a red dress for her solo tango. At the close of the video, she shuts the doors to her room, closing out the negative people in her life. "I wanted to make a visual that felt fun and playful: at the crib, being comfortable in your own skin, dancing and eating happily on your own, getting ready for yourself!"

The video for "Tango" masterfully compliments the positive message of the song, using high saturation to portray an ideal state of being where self-love is the number one priority. Simple and bubbly beats complement the warm tone of ABIR's voice.

In an industry where music and messaging can often seem repetitive and bland, ABIR offers a new take on positive pop. In the last year, she's gained momentum with a feature on the summer smash "Finest Hour" with Cash Cash (which is also on Mint) and being named "New Artist of The Week" by Apple Music. Emerging within the world of pop, ABIR is working hard to fill a void within the genre and become the first Muslim-American powerhouse pop vocalist.

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Tango," below.

Directed by Frank Borin
Art Direction by Liam Moore
Photography by Patrick O'Brien-Smith
Styling by Andrew Gelwicks
Choreography by Denna Thomsen
Stills and GIFs courtesy of Frank Borin/Atlantic Records