Another 100 gecs Album Is Coming

Another 100 gecs Album Is Coming

100 gecs has re-entered the chat. Today, the release of three-track EP Snake Eyes quenched the thirst of long-patient gec-heads (a drop of water in a desert) but the EP is just a taste of what’s to come.

Dylan Brady and Laura Les, the duo that comprises the innovative band, confirmed the details of their second album — aptly named ​10,000 gecs​ — today, too. Fans can expect to have more to sink their fangs into on March 17, 2023.

Back in 2019, the band's debut blew minds, speaker systems and lines in the bathroom in art school basement parties across the country. In 2020, 100 gecs found a second wind with 100 gecs and the Tree of Clues, the remix album that carried us through the worst quarantine summer on its back.

Snake Eyes is the latest of the band's few-and-far-between releases, following singles “Doritos & Fritos” and “mememe,” both of which will feature on the upcoming album. Each sporadic single has added its own post-ironic twist on the classic 100 gecs sound. (Is it "classic 100 gecs" an oxymoron?)

We can only imagine what meme-able music these masterminds have cooked up, but if their 2020 3OH!3 collab is any indication, it’ll exist at the intersection of early 2000s trash and 2020s hyperpop.

Snake Eyes suggests an even more raucous sound, with each single exploring the extremities of pop – from the punky opening on “Hey Big Man” to the playful, pitched-up vocals on “Torture Me (feat. Skrillex)." “Runaway," meanwhile, is reminiscent of an early 2000s emo ballad: all filtered through the distortions, dubstep and unpredictable beat patterns that make 100 gecs, 100 gecs. Songs from Snake Eyes will not feature on the upcoming album.

Whatever may come our way in March, we’re ready for it.

Snake Eyes

Photo courtesy of BFA/ Lanscine Janneh