Zsela Revels, Returns on 'Fire Excape'

Zsela Revels, Returns on 'Fire Excape'

By Erica CampbellMar 07, 2024

Standing in the crowded 102 Franklin event space in Tribeca, Zsela beams as she tells PAPER that getting through her latest body of work felt like “college.” It’s been four years since she released her 2020 debut EP Ache Of Victory, and judging by the buzz in the room, there’s been no love lost in that time. Everyone is gathered to celebrate the drop of her latest music, a slow-building, intense track that optimistically foreshadows a new and imaginative musical era for Zsela.

Rocking a feirce blonde bob and a little black dress, she rushes over to a massive sheet cake with her new single’s name, “Fire Excape,” written across it in bright red letters, noting that she needs to grab pictures for her mom. Eventually, with a little help, she sits on the floor and cuts it into slices, handing some out to revelers so they can take part in the sweetness.

Earlier in the night, "Fire Excape" (which Zsela describes as a "punchy for a love song" adding "I hope it gives you something to chew on") played on a projector against the wall. The tightly packed room fell quiet as the clip streamed until one party-goer broke the silence, screaming, “Where’s the energy!” and everyone burst into cheers.

“Fire Excape” was co-produced by Daniel Aged and Gabe Wax along with Zsela. The track features her singing “I’m falling down/ Might you be around?/ I’m falling down/ Might you hear the sound?” over climbing synths. Directed by Rob Kulisek, it breaks the fourth wall, allowing Zsela to play in front of and behind the scenes in a gorgeous flow of colorful scenes. The video conveys the shifting sentiments of the track, reflecting lyrics that embody the joy and fear of finding love and bracing for the fall.

As the party nears a close, Zsela’s well-dressed fans head to the door (cake in-hand), ready to carefully descend the three flights of stairs back into the New York City night and eager to hear what’s next from the enigmatic star.

Photography: Kate Sterlin