ZAH's Inclusive Runway Was Inspired By Sailor Moon

ZAH's Inclusive Runway Was Inspired By Sailor Moon

Bailey Skye, the New York-based DJ and producer behind Nightspace, launched their second collection under ZAH this month. The lineup was presented at an intimate rooftop soiree in New York's Lower East Side, and brought together a range of LGBTQ artists and influential talent to celebrate inclusion and the inherent purity of DIY art-marking.

ZAH showed designs incorporating creative use of pattern mixing (like floral and tartan), cut and shape, fabric tassels and accessories (in hair, on the clothes, on the footwear, on the body), and draping techniques that fused comfort with individual style. The effortless approach to the way the clothes were worn by the models, who ranged in size and ethnic diversity, all add to Skye's ethos of making the most of what they have, obstacles be damned.

PAPER caught up with Skye post-show to talk about the Sailor Moon-inspired new collection, the importance of resourcefulness, and more. Watch an exclusive video and see some of the looks, below.

What inspired this collection's overall theme and mood?

I've been watching a lot of anime, the looks give me Sailor Moon villain vibes. [It reminds me of] playful ghosts and goddesses. I'm interested in Asian folklore and [have] been tapping into my ancestral spirituality, I wanted all the models to feel like powerful deities conjuring spells. Honestly navigating life as a queer person of color, we have to.

"QPOC are forced to work with what we have... They leave us scraps and look what we do with them."

How did you approach location scouting for the show?

Even the location was reminiscent. We snuck onto this roof in Lower East Side hoping no one would interrupt or shut it down. QPOC are forced to work with what we have, which sometimes is very little. We're innovative because it's nonetheless a motivating element. They leave us scraps and look what we do with them.

What can you say about the casting process?

I casted artists of color I admire. Guayaba, an incredible musician and long time friend we flew in from Seattle, Miho Hatori [formerly of Cibo Matto], Alli Logout [of New Orleans based Special Interest], Homosinner, West Dakota, Deviantartheaux, and Anna Marl. It's obvious we're changing the world individually so it's absolute magic when we're together.

Photography: Hao Nguyen
Video: Matt Sparks