Yung Gravy Is Obsessed With TikTok's Hot Mom Makeover Trend

Yung Gravy Is Obsessed With TikTok's Hot Mom Makeover Trend

We all know what the TikTok algorithm is giving Yung Gravy.

Thanks to an abundance of family time, we've already seen a couple viral trends this holiday season that incorporate the family members of bored TikTokers. But even though people may be split on users pranking their parents by announcing fake celebrity deaths, there are also the far less controversial "Transforming My Mom Into Me" videos, which involves hot mom makeovers — and you already know who can't get enough of it.

Recently, self-proclaimed MILF obsessive Gravy made his approval of the trend known underneath a TikTok posted by a user named @alexa.ware, who glammed up her mama in honor of her 50th birthday. And his comment? A "this trend needs to continue forever" alongside a blushing emoji, which didn't exactly come as a surprise to most commenters.

"Waiting for Yung Gravy’s comment," as one fan manifested, while others chimed in with similar statements such as "Yung Gravy has joined the conversation" and "I feel like this trend was made specifically for Yung Gravy."

As if that wasn't enough, the "Betty (Get Money)" rapper also popped up in the comments section of another TikTok uploaded by a person called @vinpn31, raving that both of the looks sported by their mom were "on point," with social media personality Bryce Hall also responding to the video with a simple, "Now… Gravy I understand."

Granted, this isn't the first time Gravy's made headlines for his MILF obsession, seeing as how he blew up the internet earlier this year by bringing TikTok superstar Addison Rae's mom, Sheri Easterling, as his date to the 2022 MTV VMAs. But even though their mouths made it appear like they were super into each other at the time, it doesn't seem like Gravy's ready to commit to just one hot mom, as he later revealed that they were "not dating." Maybe because the "Martha Stewart" rapper is also trying to keep up with... Martha Stewart, who he claimed to have already gone on a date with.

Check out Gravy's comments on both mom makeover videos below.

@alexa.ware trend on my mom’s 50th birthday #dress #AEHolidayCard ♬ original sound - evie

Photos via Getty / Jamie McCarthy & TikTok / @vicpn31