Yung Baby Tate Teams Up With Flo Milli For the Opulent 'I Am' Video

Yung Baby Tate Teams Up With Flo Milli For the Opulent 'I Am' Video

Back in March, Yung Baby Tate gave us an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the making-of her music video for "I Am," featuring Flo Milli. And after much anticipation, the actual video is finally here — and you better believe it was well worth the wait.

At its core, "I Am" is an empowering self-love anthem that shows Yung Baby Tate rising above the relationship codependency chronicled in her recently released After the Rain EP. But paired with confidence-inspiring lyrics filled with affirmations like, "I am hеalthy," "I am wealthy," "I am protected, well-respected," and "I am rich," it's no surprise that the song quickly went viral.

So in the spirit of manifesting what you deserve, it only makes sense that the new video is an opulent and luxurious visual which sees Yung Baby Tate and Flo Milli enjoying what they deserve, whether it be lounging in a spa or kicking back in their massive mansion. Talk about aspirational.

But while you might not have some nice eye-candy waiting on you hand and foot, we're sure that just listening to the song's positivity-minded mantra will undoubtedly lift your mood. Especially if you ever need a little reminder that you're really "that bitch."

Watch the video for "I Am," below.

Photo courtesy of Yung Baby Tate