This YSL Product Was Created to Control Summer Skin

This YSL Product Was Created to Control Summer Skin

While a skincare routine may work wonders in keeping you moisturized throughout winter, the same routine can have the opposite effect in the summer. Top that with a full face of makeup, and it will guaranteed melt away under the blazing sun making your skin looking greasy and blotchy — not flawless.

Enter Yves Saint Laurent's Instant Matte Pore Refiner that promises "ultra light skin" with barely visible pores. Inspired by backstage makeup artists, the new drop is part of the brand's iconic Top Secrets line that acts a primer for perfect makeup.

Targeting excess shine and visible pores — both hallmarks of peak summer humidity — the product claims to "bring summer skin back under control" with a "blurring technology" that smooths away imperfections and absorbs excess oil.

To attain this heroic task, the brand employs two key ingredients: salicylic acid that minimizes the appearance of pores, and smoothing walnut leaf extract that "stimulates the skin's own process of renewal for refined texture."

"Perfect pre-makeup, Instant Matte Pore Refiner also instantly targets shine and visible pores when used for touch-ups on the go, on the top of foundation," the brand explains.

The walnut leaf extract, the ingredient at the heart of its groundbreaking formula, is further obtained from YSL's very own Ourika Gardens in Morocco that's part of the brand's commitment to reduce its environmental footprint.

Furthermore, the Top Secrets line is created in collaboration with a 33 women's cooperative, that "work within the gardens to nurture the precious plants and gain financial autonomy."

YSL's Instant Matte Pore Refiner is priced at $34 (30 ML) and available to shop here.

Photos courtesy of YSL