YSL Beauty Has Dropped Something NU...

YSL Beauty Has Dropped Something NU...


Grab your wallets, girlies. — YSL has debuted a new makeup line where luxury meets clean beauty.

Over the past few years, we've seen an uptick in our favorite fashion houses making their way into the beauty space. Brands like Gucci and Valentino have debuted full ranges of high-performance makeup. Even luxury beauty icons like Dior and Armani have been refreshing their branding and products to attract more Gen-Z consumers.

No luxury beauty brand, however, has fully tapped into Gen-Z yet. Enter YSL's NU Collection.

The skincare meets makeup hybrid line features a roster of five "no-makeup-makeup" products. From the "Bare Look Skin Tint" to the "Blotting Lotion," YSL formulated the collection with natural and dermatological ingredients, and according to YSL, all sourced sustainably from YSL's Ourika Garden in Morocco.

YSL's NU Collection debuted with the help of five recognizable faces they call the "NU Collective," including Rickey Thompson and Chella Man.

Read, below, to check out NU Collection and Shop everything now on YSL Beauty's website.

#1: The Bare Look Tint

This radiant skin tint is the collection's first hero product, with buildable light to medium coverage and 20 shade range offering. "Bare Look" also has profound skincare properties with a blend of Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and Mallow to brighten.

#2: The Glow in Balm

Light-reflecting pearls give skin a luminous glow with this hydrating balm made from plant-based glycerin to brighten the skin.

#3: The Blotting Lotion

This lotion is a jelly-textured cream that gives long-lasting matte skin, feels comfortable and light, and prevents oily skin underneath makeup, thanks to ingredients like Salicylic Acid and Limonette.

#4: The Tone Corrector

Offered in three shades, the Tone Corrector helps smooth the skin and blur pores by using Vitamin E and Verbena Extract. According to YSL, the Tone Corrector also features 1 billion tone correcting micro-pearls.

#5: The Dew Mist

This hydrating mist uses Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba, and Pomegranate oil to give all-day dew and glow without leaving your face sticky.

Photos courtesy of YSL


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