Yovanna Ventura Gets Ready for Kim Shui at NYFW

Yovanna Ventura Gets Ready for Kim Shui at NYFW

By Paper MagazineFeb 21, 2024

Without fail, Kim Shui always delivers the sexiest show of New York Fashion Week. This season, she channeled that energy into a collection inspired by the Year of the Dragon featuring looks that played off the mythical creature’s “strength and resilience.” Kazuo Shiraga’s martial arts paintings informed the “lucky” color scheme for Fall 2024 — deep reds, blues, purples — and models accessorized with giant trapper hats like ones worn during Lunar New Year celebrations.

Photo courtesy of Kim Shui

"One standout was a bright green sequin dress paired with blue tights," Kim Shui muse and model Yovanna Ventura told PAPER, describing the look as "bursting with expression and heat." She also called out an all-white oversized hoodie dress paired with matching white boots "bringing winter heat to a whole new level." Naturally, she said, "I need it all." Before the show, Ventura invited us to her hotel in Brooklyn to get ready.

Photography: Julia Kulik
Makeup: Marla Vazquez (The Wall Group)
Location: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge