Jonah Hill and Lauren London's 'You People' Kiss Was CGI According to Co-Star

Jonah Hill and Lauren London's 'You People' Kiss Was CGI According to Co-Star

Netflix's current number-one movie is You People, starring Lauren London and Jonah Hill. The film tells of the love story between a white, Jewish podcaster and a Black, Muslim fashion designer overcoming their differences and familial tension. However, the Kenya Barris-directed film hasn't escaped without its fair share of criticism of the storyline and tropes. Looks like there's also a strange fake kiss involved too.

In a recent episode of his Brilliant Idiots podcast alongside co-host Charlemagne Tha God, You People co-star Andrew Schulz dropped the bomb that London and Hill didn't lock lips in the movie's penultimate wedding scene. Schulz assumed the movie would cut to another shot. Instead, movie magic sealed their marriage by morphing their faces together. "It's CGI. Swear to god."


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And if you watched the film and think that the two shouldn't have gotten married in the first place, you're far from the first. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar published last week, London revealed she was apprehensive to take on the role when approached by Blackish director Kenya Barris.

"'Why would these two people really like each other?' We have to showcase a real connection," London said. "They're from two totally different worlds, and if you see them, you would never think that they would meet or hang out, whatever the case is." However, that also drove her to say yes.

So why did they fake a kiss if London and Hill were invested in the film and had obvious on-screen chemistry? Some people suspect she did it out of respect to her late husband Nipsey Hussle who passed in 2019. However, London kissed co-star Michael B. Jordan in the 2021 film Without Remorse, filmed after Hussle's death.

Other people have wondered why she took the role if she couldn't smooch Hill.

While some people respected that she was able to pay homage to her late husband and get a nice bag without having to do anything she was uncomfortable with.

“I think my fave thing about You People is just knowing Lauren London got her bag. She’s the least experienced actor in this movie and got Nip’s music in, character-wise was very much herself & gave like 2 PG kisses. I respect her.”

For what it's worth, there's a lot of other people who would be down to kiss Jonah Hill, for a movie role or not.

Photo courtesy of Netflix