You Can Now Take a Course on Kanye West in College

You Can Now Take a Course on Kanye West in College

By Beatrice Hazlehurst

If you belong to any kind of Facebook group that posts 'fit battles', queued all night for Yeezys, troll Complex religiously and described Kanye West as "misunderstood" (both prior AND post Trump meeting), we have the college course for you!

You can now literally get the kind of college credit you've always dreamed of by dissecting the life and times of Kanye west, or more specifically, by studying the "Politics of Kanye West: Black Genius and Sonic Aesthetics. I just got chills.

Dr. Jeffrey McCune, an associate professor in the African-American Studies and the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies departments at Washington University, devised a syllabus that will cover everything from Kanye-interrupts-Taylor-Swift (that old chestnut) to West's current influence over popular culture. He told St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he thinks the timing for a course like this is ideal.

"I knew my students had connections to Kanye," he said. "They're always referencing his music and performances and videos and fashion. What better time than now to take seriously Kanye West as a cultural icon? I'm always interested in how he's pushing whatever boundaries."

Dr. Jeffrey out here doing the most.

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