Wreckno Serves 'Sass and Ass' on Debut 'Pansy' EP

Wreckno Serves 'Sass and Ass' on Debut 'Pansy' EP

Wreckno, the 25-year-old Detroit rapper and self-proclaimed "Bussy Bopper," just dropped his debut Pansy EP — a confident six-track effort that puts queer empowerment first and obliterates the competition in the process.

"All these bitches think they're top, but that's just not their position," Wreckno asserts on single "Honey Drip," which sets the tone for a project drenched in cocky bars that stick. "That's why I'm the one to talk/ I'm the shit and you just pissin."

A blend of hip-hop and EDM that pulls influence from the likes of Azealia Banks and Flume, Pansy rallies together a crew of powerhouse collaborators, including internet superstar Chase Icon on "Fuck Me Cuz I'm Hot!"

Below, Wreckno brings PAPER through every track off Pansy, from his more aggressive "fuck you, pay me" moments to the "sadboi/ sadgirl" anthems.

"Honey Drip"

"Honey Drip" is my own personal, "Take over the fucking world and drop ass on all my haters' heads," anthem. That song came to fruition after feeling underestimated by the music industry. I see it as my, "Hello, I'm worth it. Fuck you, pay me," moment.


I worked on "Freaknik" with ATL native Whom? and focused on creating vocals that would make your ass shake as hard as mine did the first time I heard this beat. I wanted to serve you sass, ass, with that good ole 808 bounce type sound.


I was heavily inspired by Missy Elliott for this track. I wanted to channel that badass and nonchalant style that so many rappers hone in on. Also, I be cryin' in the club to Frank Ocean... I know I'm not alone there.

"Fuck Me Cuz I'm Hot!"

This track makes my gay heart so happy. Working with trans superstar Chase Icon and the bisexual badass Miss Tiddy on one track was a dream come true. This one is truly for the girls, gays and theys. You wanna fuck us cause we're hot, duh.

"A Little Bit (Hey Alexa)"

HerShe wrote her verse for this track as a teenager, and when she sent me the acapella I knew I had to work with her on it. I'm obsessed with how it turned out. The energy is very much giving you unapologetic queer queen and king energy. Got these bitches on a leash.

"Run Away"

"Run Away" is my sadboi/ sadgirl anthem with my close friend Ruku. I wrote this song in 2020 at the beginning of the Panera Bread (pandemic). It's based on acknowledging when you're diving too deeply into your escapism.

Photos courtesy of Max Dashevsky