Hallucinating with Windowsen

Hallucinating with Windowsen

Story by Andrew Nguyen / Photography by David Oldenburg / Styling by Sachin Gogna / Makeup by Megumi Matsuno / Hair by Nakashimo Shinnosuke
Jan 12, 2024

Dreams can be confusing, delirious and hallucinatory — but imagine being able to escape into your own subconscious as you control how the crazy and impossible story will unfold. Called "Dreams," the latest shoot from photographer and CGI artist David Oldenburg is inspired by these lucid dreams, featuring Windowsen's ready-to-wear 2024 collection.

"The mood and general aesthetic we aimed to achieve with the photos, styling and design was a combination of retro-futurism from the '80s and '90s sci-fi artists and fantasy illustrations," creative director and stylist Sachin Gogna tells PAPER. "Enhancing this with Windowsen’s out-of-this-world aesthetic allowed us to create a digital and futuristic world while still maintaining a playful and nostalgic tone."

Collaborative and experimental in nature, the team as a whole pushes the boundaries of photography, fashion and beauty. See all the photos from "Dreams," below.

Creative direction, styling and casting: Sachin Gogna
Photography and CGI: David Oldenburg
Photography assistant: Rui Santos
Styling assistant: Annum Mohammed
Hair: Nakashimo Shinnosuke
Hair assistant: Yukako Matsuda
Makeup: Megumi Matsuno
Makeup assistant: Saphron Morgan
Nails: Megan Thomas
Models: Kaiyuan Cai at XDIRECTN AGENCY, Yiling Zhao amd XDIRECTN AGENCY and Mikey Mendoza