This Sex Toy Company Is Giving $30K to Couples Affected By COVID
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This Sex Toy Company Is Giving $30K to Couples Affected By COVID

One sex toy company is giving away $30,000 in an effort to help couples separated by COVID-19.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, We-Vibe has announced their "Reunite Stimulus Package," which will award $3,000 to 10 different couples kept apart by lockdown. All in the name of reuniting these long-distance lovers, the prizes can be used for flights, accommodations, or other arrangements later this year, specifically once travel restrictions are lifted and people are able to see each other safely again.

According to a press release, the initiative was inspired by We-Vibe's desire to support cash-strapped couples unable to see each other during the pandemic. And this was especially important to them as a company that's always facilitated long-distance pleasure with their We-Connect app, which allows for remote control of their products.

After all, as We-Vibe's Head of Sexual Empowerment Johanna Rief said, "We-Vibe believes in the power of intimacy and togetherness and with this giveaway we hope to make that possible. Many couples had a tough year last year, and this is a way for the brand to invest in the importance of being together."

Entries for the "Reunite Stimulus Package" are open until February 14. Until then though, you can find more information about the giveaway, here.

Photo courtesy of We-Vibe