Last night in New Orleans, Solange Knowles was invited onstage to perform "Aqueous Transmission" with Willenium-era alt-rockers, Incubus, and we actually have no words. Solange, like many of us, was in love with Incubus' lead singer Brandon Boyd as a teen, which she referred to as her "Rasta-vegan-thrifter-who-is-determined-to-marry-Brandon-Boyd" phase in an essay for Teen Vogue. Girl, we relate. The sense memory of misspelling "Aqueous Transmission" in Sharpie on a burnt CD made for my crush in 8th grade is very much alive, and I'm feeling a deep need to journal this out on a pair of pink high-top Converse.

Watch your faves of past and present perform "Aqueous Transmission" off of Incubus' 2001 LP Morning View below...

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