To accompany her Rolling Stone cover story, the outlet released a short interview today with New Zealand pop princess Lorde to dissect her glorious return and discuss what it's like truly becoming a grown up.

Profiler Alex Morris asks the 20 year-old if she mourns her teen years, something she reminds Lorde was a big part of Pure Heroine, to which she responds, "I'm comfortably 20".

"Soon I'm going to be 21 which I feel is a weird I have to drink the big drink?" She asks, referring the New Zealand 21st birthday tradition of finishing an yard glass (which holds eight cans of beer) as fast as possible. "Do they do that in America? It's a yard glass full of beer? We call it a yardie."

When questioned about growing up, Lorde responds that adulthood means "there are all these kind of land mines to jump over."

"The politics of the night-time are's something to navigate and the navigation of it I found so melodramatic."

Lorde plays it relatively coy when questioned about the inspiration behind "Green Light", which she has said was based upon a party she attended after just having broken up with longtime boyfriend, Kiwi photographer James Lowe.

"In the second pre-chorus – I call that part the forrest – we brought in all these little sounds and that to me was the real sadness of the song...All of a sudden that to me is where you see the whole situation with that person in fast-forward."

Watch the whole interview below.

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