Oh, those far out Smith siblings. They're genetically blessed, musically talented, they "get" crystals, and one day their best tweets will be turned into one of those tiny novelty books by the cash registers at Barnes and Noble.

Never change. Anyway, Jaden Smith took a break from hiding his original paintings in art galleries and Calabasas juiceries for fans to find to shoot a little video with Vanity Fair of himself reading mind-blowing facts about the world we live in. As he contemplates the fact that human skin replaces itself 900 times during a lifetime, that there is a type of jellyfish that is immortal, and that it rains diamonds on saturn and jupiter, you can watch Jaden cycle through the same array of shock, wonder and confusion that most people confront when pondering Jaden Smith.

Whoaaaaaa dude. They really did get me with that whole "bananas are berries thing." Also, bonus cut... did you know that Jaden is named after Jada, and Willow is named after Will?

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