Watch Hayley Kiyoko's Beautiful New Queer-Affirmative Music Video for 'Sleepover'

Watch Hayley Kiyoko's Beautiful New Queer-Affirmative Music Video for 'Sleepover'

We've all had a friend that we wanted to be more than friends with. The relationship can feel tedious as we work to stifle our emotions and keep everything on a platonic level, but somehow, it all seems worth it because we know there's no one else we'd rather be spending our time with.

Hayley Kiyoko, a Los Angeles-based singer and actress, does an excellent job of capturing that particular brand of unrequited desire from a close friend in her music video for new single "Sleepover." Hayley's song talks about having a slumber party with a friend while secretly imagining it turning into something more. "But at least I got you in my head," she sings on the song's chorus.

The video is what really hits the sweet spot though. The singer has never been shy about her queer sexual identity: she's openly written about it in an op-ed for PAPER and her breakthrough single was a song called "Girls Like Girls." With Hayley taking over directing duties for the "Sleepover" visuals, this video is no less assuredly confident. As she sits in a room with her friend, she envisions a much more passionate affair—one that involves cuddling in her bed and sitting together in a pretty pink bath.

Watch "Sleepover" below.

Splash photo via YouTube screenshot