These Balloon Dresses Are Taking Over the Internet

These Balloon Dresses Are Taking Over the Internet

The latest viral fashion moment is brought to us by up-and-coming Norweigian designer Fredrik Tjaerandsen. The designer's innovative collection made its debut at the annual BA Fashion Show at Central Saint Martins — the same college attended by the likes of Alexander McQueen and Riccardo Tisci — and mesmerized not only the audience but the collective Internet. Giant balloons turning into haute couture isn't exactly something you see everyday.

Tjaerandsen's models' bodies were engulfed in these giant, colorful balloons. And as they hit the runway, they would deflate them from the inside. So, no, there were no unpleasantly loud popping noises. Once completely deflated, the structure would come down and fall beautifully into interesting silhouettes.

"My collection is inspired by an almost indefinable moment when a human's self-awareness becomes active and sentiment," the designer told WWD. "I have strived to develop a process of experimental practice and development through which I could react and create my own expression of this moment and experience of being in that moment."

"The rubber I use is sourced from a company that has its rubber production in Sri Lanka where they support and buy their rubber from local rubber growers," Tjaeradsen added. "I have constructed these pieces with an air pressure system that lets the wearer control the air-flow. Whenever the wearer wants to deflate they open a latch inside to release the inverted bubble part and then dives out of the deflating bubble. The garment within and the bubble is all in one piece and I designed it to have as few seams as possible."

Tjaeradsen was able to garner the L'Oréal Professional Young Talent Award for his work, as well as recognition from the fashion industry and celebrities like Demi Moore and Billy Porter. "Thank you so very much for all of your kind and heart-warming response to my collection shown yesterday," the designer wrote in an Instagram post. "I would like to thank everyone that has helped me this year! I feel so incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such an amazingly talented group of friend, family and professionals."

Tjaeradsen has definitely made himself memorable, and we honestly can't wait to see what he'll come up with next.

Images via Instagram